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The TFA Alumni Network - Houston exists to serve and support alumni living in our area. Our mission is to connect you with each other, opportunities that provide personal and professional development, and of course, to keep you connected to the mission of One Day. 

As a part of the TFA Alumni Network - Houston, you a part of a community over 1,400 strong, with leaders across every sector: education, law, business, medicine, parenthood, advocacy, and many more. 

We believe that when we stay connected and we support each other, we have the ability exponentially increase our individual and collective impact.  TFA Alumni Network - Houston is the living, breathing embodiment of Teach For America's Theory of Change, and you, our alumni are ambassadors for equitable education no matter where you sit. So plug in and get connected. We are stronger and sharper together.


Houston 1999
Senior Managing Director, Alumni Leadership and Engagement
"TFA alumni are my people, and I believe that when we come together and focus our energies/efforts, we will be a mighty, mighty force for kids in Houston."
Houston 2005
Director, Alumni Leadership and Engagement
"What I love most about my current work in alumni affairs is the ability to sit across from alumni and hear their stories. I love learning about their experience in the classroom, the work they’re doing now, the work they want to do in the future, and all the other things that make them, them."
Director, Alumni Leadership and Engagement
"As a first generation Nigerian-American, I firmly believes that an individual’s zip code should not determine their destiny. No matter where you reside, your school should be a place where children feel safe, connected, and can grow at their optimal level."

Opportunities For Alumni


Check below for opportunities for our local Houston area alumni. Want to share an opportunity for regional alumni? Email to place an opportunity on the site.

  • Education Related
  • Volunteer / Non-Profit
  • Business and Law
  • Personal and Professional Development

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Check back soon for more personal & professional development opportunities!​

Upcoming Events

We’re currently planning our next event. Please check back soon for details.

Houston Alumni in Action

Students & Communities
July 19, 2017
Roland Wang (Houston ‘15) never felt truly connected with the AAPI community until attending a life-changing summit.
Education & Issues
February 1, 2017
To kick off Black History Month, corps member Jayde Encalade (Houston '16) reflects on the importance of affirming the identity of her black male students and her hopes for their future.