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Salaries range from $48,000 - $51,000.


A car and a driver’s license are required to live in Houston. It is essential to your success that you are able to get around the city quickly and easily.


John Hopkins (Optional two year program)

Relay Graduate School of Education


One year

Becoming Certified to Teach

  • Overview
  • What Master's degree programs are available?
  • What's the difference between Induction and Institute?
  • What can my AmeriCorps award be used for?
  • What school districts does TFA Houston partner with?

Certification Overview

Corps Members coming into the program without prior a teaching certification are required to join an alternative certification program. The certification program partners with districts and Teach For America to give you a path to getting certified in the state of Texas in one year.


Prior to enrolling in any certification program, each candidate must take and pass a content exam prior to arriving in Houston for Induction. Upon your acceptance and confirmation into the Houston region, you will be given resources to study for and step-by-step directions on registering and taking your exam. This exam can be taken in various locations across the United States.

Certification Partners

We currently work with two alternative certification partner in Houston. Placement in these certification programs is dependent on which school district you will teach.

Teaching Excellence (TE)

Provides rigorous and relevant training and individualized support that increases the path of development for new teachers. Proven and adopted by schools aiming for higher standards, TE is responsible for more than 200 teachers serving YES Prep, KIPP Houston, NCI, and Spring Branch ISD.

Effective Teaching Fellowship (ETF)

Houston Independent School District's Alternative Certification Program for novice teachers is dedicated to recruiting individuals from non-educational backgrounds and careers who are passionate about students and teaching and learning. 

Teach For America – Houston partners with two graduate programs to offer our corps members a Master's degree in the field of Education. These programs both offer rigorous learning and classes that are relevant to your teaching, and immediately applicable to your classroom.

Need help deciding? Compare both programs


Houston is fortunate to host both Induction and Institute in our very own city.


When you arrive for Induction at the end of May or beginning of June (dates TBD), you will get a chance to learn about our city and the work that is being done here.


Immediately after Induction, you will start your Institute training where you will gain the knowledge and skills to be successful in the classroom.  


This is one of the most commonly asked questions we get! 

You can use your award to pay for the following:

  • Repaying qualified student loans
  • Paying all or part of the current education expenses to attend a qualified institution of higher education (including certain vocational programs)
  • Paying expenses while participating in an approved school-to-work program

You cannot use your award for the following:

  • Reimbursing yourself for out-of-pocket costs to pay for certification coursework

Other guidelines:

  • Your first education award cannot be redeemed until after you’ve completed the service term.
  • Education awards can only be accessed via payment request directly to a qualified school or lender.
  • You must use the education award within 7 years of the date you earn it.

More Info:

Our corps members are placed in schools within the following districts. We are proud to partner with each district to work towards One Day in Houston.


BakerRipley ensures students and families have access to resources that support their needs inside and outside of the classroom. Their goal is to develop both the academic skills and character traits that ensure every student has access to the future of their choice. This charter system focuses on wrap-around resources to help the success of each family.


Houston Independent School District (HISD)

HISD,  is the city’s largest employer with 30,000 team members and the state’s largest school district. Their goal is to make HISD the best public school district in the nation.


KIPP, the Knowledge Is Power Program

KIPP is on a mission to develop in underserved students the academic skills, intellectual habits, and qualities of character necessary to succeed at all levels of pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, college, and the competitive world beyond. It is a public charter system founded by two Houston Teach For America alumni.


Raul Yzaguirre Schools for Success (RYSS)

The faculty, staff, family, and community of RYSS have committed themselves to providing and obtaining the highest standard of education in a culturally relevant setting. The pursuit of excellence is aimed at developing self-respect and pride amongst students. Their ultimate goal is for students to become critical thinkers and lifelong learners.  


Spring Branch Independent School District

SBISD, is a school district serving portions of western Houston. SBISD’s mission is to  increase student achievement and develop a culture of high expectations for all students.


YES Prep

Provides students with high-quality, college-preparatory education that prepares them to compete in the global marketplace and give back to their communities. It also is a public charter system founded by a Teach For America alumnus.



Placement School Locations

Subjects And Grade Levels

  • Early Childhood
  • Elementary
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Spanish
  • Social Studies
  • Bilingual
  • English Language Learners


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Get to Know Gallegos Elementary School

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